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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins Blog Challenge

I signed up for the Seven Deadly Sins blog challenge at Antimony's blog:  The challenge in a nutshell is seven days, seven deadly sins, seven flash fictions of 100 words or less.

Since my week is going to be a little crazy I'm going to go ahead and post my entries here in one big post.  You can read them all now or read them one a day - - up to you ;D

These are inspired by the Blood Thief world, but not from Blood Thief directly. Enjoy!


“I’m going to hell anyway, it would be a favor,” he argued with the vampire as his eyes roamed over her, drinking in her preternatural beauty.

“What have you done to imperil your soul?” she licked her lips.

“What haven’t I done?” he asked, self-loathing in his voice.

“An example,” she demanded, examining her perfectly manicured-nails.

“Lust is one of the 7 deadlies, right?”

“Yes.”  A knowing smile curled her lips, revealing white teeth and wicked fangs.  His heartbeat had already stated his desire, but it was still nice to hear. 

Unrepentant prey marched towards its predator. “I’m already damned.”


It wasn’t fair.  She watched the bitch walk away with what should have been hers.  Nobody should be that damned self-confident, that smug.  Social custom was that a vampire visiting the territory of another should come bearing gifts.  That bitch had the nerve to bring that tantalizing human male with her, offer nothing, and leave with him in tow.   So what if she didn’t know local custom?  It just wasn’t fair.  The male had smelled so good, looked so tasty.  Her teeth positively itched for him now.  She’d have him before they left the island.  He should’ve been hers already.


The weeds in his yard were a foot high.  Dishes were piled up in the kitchen sink.  Judging by the smell his trash should’ve been taken out days ago. He’d already called in sick.  It was sort of true.  He was in bed and sick to his soul. Why?  Why did she have to be a vampire?  She was the most intriguing woman he’d met in years, if ever.  Dammit.  A blasted vampire.   He sunk further down into the pillows.  He didn’t ever want to leave his bed again.  Better to sleep his life away than face what lay ahead.


She rubbed the brass rail with a soft cloth, a smile lingering on her lips.  Glass bottles full of various spirits sat waiting for thirsty customer on the shelves behind her.  The polished wood of the bar reflected the myriad neon signs hung on the walls.  This was all hers.  She wished that her no-good ex would dare to show up here.  Wished he could see how much she didn’t need him.  Wished he’d have a run in with the vampire that had become her benefactor.  She sauntered toward the front, flicking on the open sign and unlocking the door.


He dropped the motionless body, its heart silent, and wiped at his bloodied lips. Normally he drank from two a night at most, never draining them.  Tonight he’d had seven and killed them all.  He wasn’t even bothering to dispose of the bodies. Worthless pieces of trash, that’s what they were. He’d read their minds, seen the disgusting thoughts there.
Thinking about his dead lover, he decided his gut felt nearly as heavy as his heart. He slid into the shadows moving toward his next mapped out target, thoughtfully provided to him by the sex offenders database he’d found online.


His new bloodline was going to be magnificent.  He put the vessel containing countless vampiric essences into the safe with the others he’d accumulated, closed the door and spun the dial.  He had enough now, combined with his rare blood, that the bloodline he’d create would be unparalleled.  He would be a god among vampires.  Legendary.  Unrivaled.  There was only one more vial to steal and he would be ready. Pleasure washed over him at the thought.  The anticipation of drinking the blood of ages made the fine pale hairs on his arms stand as his goosebumps dotted his flesh.


Bloody bastard.  That low-down, conniving, murderous, conceited jackass.  I slid forward a couple of inches on the gritty concrete, groaning at the pain flaring from the gunshot-shattered bone in my hip.  I’d kill him if it was the last thing I did.  The mouth-watering smell of blood pervaded the air, but the aching trumped the hunger and it only served to anger me further.  He’d set this up knowing I’d have to turn on my unconscious human companion in order to gain the strength to free myself before dawn.  He wanted me to sink to his level.  He was twice-dead.


Lyn Midnight said...

Oh my God. You really went all out with this challenge didn't you? I love the vampiric theme and how the bloodred background adds to the mood. I love the way each and every flash is an unique story upon itself. And finally, I didn't gte distracted once while I read these, I wanted MORE! So yeah... magnificent job. I'll spread the word around! :)

Annie Sisk said...

Good job, sista! Of course, I've always known you have a - shall we say "mastery" of the 7 deadlies? (In THEORY, I meant - in THEORY!) :D

Anonymous said...

I really like how there was a constant theme through out the sins, Makes me want to redo mine to be more of a collection rather than separate entities.
Thank you for the lovely read.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant start to the challenge! Loved them all, I'm starting to like vampires again hehe

A x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those were some strong pieces!
Talk about voice and emotion. Incredible.

Glad I met you through the blogfest! Consider me a follower.

Lissa said...

I love each piece could be read on its own, but read onwards, they all made up a complete story. It was awesome.

Rebecca T. Little said...

Thank you all for the super kind comments, they are very much appreciated.


Heather M. Gardner said...

Bloody good theme! I was only going to read one and come back sucked me in! Sorry, had to do it.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Rosie Lane said...

I really liked the last line of the first one, the already damned. Are they linked stories?

I envisaged the one with the flask of mixed blood as a currently human nutjob arranging to be sired his way. Creepy.

Rebecca T. Little said...

@Rosie - they are linked in a way in that they are all set in the world of my novel Blood Thief. They aren't pieces from the novel though, just inspired by that world. Glad you enjoyed them, thanks for the kind comment!


Zade Forrest said...

These are truly fantastic! I love the vampires theme, I might even read them again... :D Great work!

David A Ludwig said...

I love that they are all set in the world of your novel without being scenes from the novel. That is the sort of brilliant web-extra that fans of the novel will drool over after they get hooked.

Fun to see what order people wrote the sins in.

Charity Girl said...

I love the fact you constrained yourself not only by the rules of the challenge but by locating them all within one fictional universe. It really works. Each one is a perfect little blood-saturated vignette, each with a different sense of mood and character.