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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Selected bites from friends

This from my friends after mentioning the dead body found in the park:

T:  did the body have two bite marks? and are you waking up in your bed in the morning with tattered clothes and the taste of blood in your mouth? Just curious...

O:  even though u r my sister, u r weird

A:  O, I can't speak for all her friends, but for this one, that's what makes me love her so!

Rebecca Taylor Little:  ROFLMAO!!! And for the record, the guy had lacerations on the face consistent with a fall. No mention of bites ;)

(and when I say ROFLMAO, I very nearly meant it literally!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Irony, Part Deux

Ok, now it's just getting weird.  First I posted about the irony of a scene in Blood Thief in which Celeste nearly creams a deer portended my husband hitting a deer in our Explorer.  Blood Thief is set in Sarum, which is a mythic mirror of my hometown.  There is a scene in Blood Thief which takes place in City Park and results in a drug dealer being killed.  Now you have to understand the town where I live is small and finding a dead body here is a rarity.  So guess what they found in City Park yesterday?  Yep.  A dead body.  I think I'll go back and add a scene in where my main character wins the lottery!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh deer, how ironic!

     Chris hit a deer in our Explorer this morning on his way to work.  Very ironic considering that this scene was written as an add-in scene for Blood Thief two days ago:    

     As I drove home, I tossed things around in my mind. The fire at the club had been called arson at first and then dismissed as accidental. Had someone been paid off or threatened? If it was arson, who was behind it and why? The kid I'd caught in the greenhouse had been at the club that night. What if he was watching me since the night Catherine had been killed and I'd seen him at the Five and Dine? If he had set the fire, was it in order to draw me out? He knew more than was tolerable, that was for certain. I needed to find him and fog his mind. It wasn't likely that anyone would believe him if he started spouting off to authorities that vampires existed, but I couldn't risk the safety of my kind.

     At the traffic light where Old Sarum highway crosses Lee Farm Road, another thought came to me. What if someone had hired the kid? Anna's ex, maybe? The light changed and I drove forward. Suppose Anna wasn't the only target? If by trying to hurt or kill Anna in a fire, someone was attempting to hurt me . . . all the unfortunate things that had happened lately were coincidence, right? Surely there was no way that Maggie Kelly's murder, the theft of the reliquary and the break in at my home were all connected. I was just becoming paranoid.

     I very nearly missed seeing the deer that bounded out of the woods to cross in front of me until it was too late. As it was, I swerved and hit the brakes, but my car didn't slow at all. I tried to wrest the wheel back the other direction even as I kept pumping the brakes, but it was futile. I slid into the ditch. The deer gave a backward glance at me and then leapt into the woods, its natural camoflauge causing it to vanish nearly instantly, even to me. I slammed my hands against the steering wheel and cursed a blue streak.

     I got out to inspect the damage. The grass had been slicked down and mud oozed up over my shoe as I stepped around the front of the car. One tire was partially off the wheel and the rim was bent. Thankfully, the only body damage was a dent about the size of my fist and a few scratches leading up to it. I did then what almost every girl would do in a similar situation. I got back in the car, called the AAA and had a good cry.

     By the time I'd used up all the tissues I could find in the car, the tow truck driver had arrived. He took one look at all the bloody tissues and asked if I needed an ambulance. I assured him I was fine and told him I'd just gotten a nosebleed while waiting. He comforted me and told me it was probably just stress, to which I readily agreed, and then set about getting my car out of the ditch while I waited in the nice toasty cab of his truck with a fresh pack of tissues just in case. I do love the AAA.

     When was he done hooking up my car and climbed back in the cab, I signed the mandatory paperwork. He asked me how I'd managed to get into the ditch. I explained about the deer and my brakes failing to respond. He gave me a long appraising look and the climbed back out of the cab. He called to me a moment later and I got out as well. When I went around and looked at what he was pointing at I felt a chill run up my spine.

     His words confirmed my suspicions, "Brake line has been cut."

     Maybe everything wasn't coincidence after all.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Blood Thief Crew

A question from a friend prompted me to give you all a brief rundown of the dramatis personae:

Celeste – Celeste was born in 1701, but she’s a thoroughly modern vampire. She lives with her brother in an old Southern town that is rife with vampires due to an incident in a Civil War prison camp. Adapting and changing to fit each era, Celeste doesn’t always do what is expected of her by vampiric society. She serves her Regent loyally though and works as a revenant hunter for him. She is more progressive than most of her peers.

Nick – Celeste’s biological brother, he was turned by Celeste a couple of years after her own turning. He supports Celeste’s choices, but tries to serve as a voice of reason to her as well. He is fiercely protective of his sister. He shares his sister’s dark hair and his smoldering good looks draw in admirers easily.

Viktor – Celeste’s vampiric suitor. He has been seeing Celeste for several months, but they don’t always see eye to eye, especially on the subject of humans. He has an Old World charm about him though and makes everything he does look easy. Always well dressed and classically handsome.

Anna – Celeste’s best friend who also happens to be human. Anna knows Celeste’s secret, a rarity since most humans aren’t aware of the existence of vampires, and helps with daytime tasks that Celeste can’t manage. Anna runs the nightclub, Locus, that Celeste frequents.

Ryan – The contractor doing work on Celeste’s home. He has his eye on Anna and turns into a staunch ally. Besides, there’s just something about a good looking man in tool belt.

Elly – The newest member of Celeste and Nick’s bloodline. She looks more angelic than vampiric, but her actions are questionably devilish at times.

Joss – A human thief that Celeste interrupts mid-burgle. With his piercing blue eyes, swimmer’s build and sinful good looks he is quite possibly the most beautiful human male Celeste has ever seen. Celeste develops a fast fascination with Joss - - much to the consternation of her brother. A self-educated motorcycle-riding walking contradiction, Joss has an agenda all his own.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chair Dancing

Am doing a bit of happy dancing as I have corrected a timeline problem with Blood Thief! Rocking through some editing today, chair dancing as I listen to Timo Descamp's "Like it Rough" and "Phonecall" along with "Undead Heart" by Vampires Everywhere! If by some miracle Blood Thief becomes a film I know who I want on the soundtrack.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and the Blood Thief crew

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I spent a little time wondering how Thanksgiving would affect my characters.  Cel and Nick would probably celebrate by finding a nice plump tourist to share and then perhaps working at the soup kitchen, serving the homeless.  Viktor would find it totally beneath him to celebrate such a human ritual and would treat it like any other day.  Anna would go to see her family and spend time with them.  Ryan would go visit his elderly parents.  Joss probably wouldn't celebrate, not because he doesn't have things to be thankful for...staying out of jail is always good...but because he has no one he trusts enough to spend time with.  His landlord, Mark, would likely bring a plate of turkey and dressing by for him, which he would eat alone. 
If you are writing currently, I ask what your characters would do for Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 12, 2010

In progress...

Bear with me, changing computers...there may be a slight lag in updates for a bit, but never fear... Celeste and Nick and Joss and the crew will be back asap!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Save, save, save

And  so I stress the importance of saving one's work frequently.  Thankfully I had done so before O.C. decided to take a nap on my keyboard and thus bringing up a seemingly never ending string of "8"s in my work.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween is almost here and...

Halloween is almost here and I'm loving the ready availability of vampire-themed stuff.  I've got a new Dracula candle, a wicked pair of coffin shape sunglasses, bat and vampire Pez dispensers, Vampire Blood hand sanitizer (Bath and Body Works) and some fun and funky fang jewelry adorning my desk to put me in the mood to write.  I plan to stock up before Halloween is gone, too! 

What about everyone else?  Do you adorn your desk with the theme of what you are writing to put you in the mood?


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hard to believe

It's difficult to believe that fifteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle got married.  It doesn't seem like it has been that long.  Even harder to fathom, thirteen years ago today I woke up at 4 a.m. when my water broke and by dinner time I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy.  He's a teenager today.  So, happy anniversary to my hubby and, as hard to believe as it is,  happy birthday to my 13 year old son . . . the best anniversary present ever.

Love you guys.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Making notes

After a wonderful weekend spent with dear friends at my college homecoming, I find myself full of fresh notes and ideas for a follow up to Blood Thief.  Lots of fun and laughter was just the break I needed :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Knocking on wood!

O happy (software) day!  I finally managed to find a version of yWriter that works on the laptop.  Most of you know my old computer bit the dust.  The computer a (very dear) friend of mine gave me to use in its place was an older model (but still much appreciated) that wouldn't run yWriter 5.  This past week I found old versions available for download while browsing the net at the library (yay, library!) and now have Blood Thief imported to yWriter for MUCH easier editing.  :::Happy Dances:::

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Gave Autocrit a try yesterday.  Wow.  I really want to get a membership.  It picked up on stuff I had totally looked over.  Again, wow.  If you want to see for yourself there is a free autocrit wizard at  I'm not shilling for them, I'm genuinely that impressed and felt the need to share.  ::saving my pennies to get a membership!:::

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cast of characters

Thought I'd provide you with the cast of characters for Blood Thief since some of you so generously allowed me to use your last names.  Thank you to my Facebook friends!

Celeste St. Ange “Cel”

Nicolas St. Ange “Nick” or “Nicky” – Celeste’s brother

Joss Larson – thief

Viktor Klausen – Celeste’s suitor

Anna Lamb - owner of Locus (nightclub)

Ryan Donovan - General contractor

Catherine Strider - “the Keeper”

Margaret “Maggie” Kelly - Celeste’s next door neighbor

Edgar Kelly – Maggie Kelly’s deceased husband

Ona Caussin – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Gamble Ridge – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Sonja English – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Brendan Howard – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Elly Kincaid – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Marcello Brunati – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Tina Finch – the St. Ange’s housekeeper

Ethan Frey - teenager

Matt Lesher – club goer

Dani Bennett – club goer

Dr. Terry Roberts, DDS

His Majesty, the Regent of the bloodline, Alexandre Valois

Mark Culpepper, Joss’s landlord

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Because you've all been so good and patient...

Thank you guys for all the lovely feedback!  Here's another little snippet for you as a thank you!


     The automated voice stated, “You have two new messages. First new message received Sunday 3:07 a.m.”

     Joss’s voice followed, “Hi. Don’t know if you’re home yet, but since I got your voicemail I’m guessing you didn’t turn the volume back up on your phone.” There was a pause, then, “Yeah. Well, anyway, I just wanted to wish you a good night, er day, um…yeah, sleep well.” He even sounded sexy over the phone. I caught myself licking my teeth.

     The automated voice returned, “Next new message received Sunday 1:43 a.m.”

     Anna’s voice was next, “Hey, where are you? You usually answer right away. At any rate, I don’t think you saw him, but I thought you should know Viktor was at the club right before you left. He saw you with that guy. Who was hot, by the way. I figured you’d want to know. Call me.”

     I erased the messages and plunked down on the side of the bed, closing the phone. The grin that had stolen over my face when I’d heard Joss’s voice had faded as soon as Anna’s message played. Viktor had been at the club. He had seen Joss kiss me. I was so screwed. My vampire boyfriend had seen a human kiss me. This could only end badly.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A mention

At least I made the final cut:

I think I may be too verbose for 100 words or less.  Hmmm.  That poses a question:  Would you rather read fiction that has swift clear action and little description or would you rather read fiction that is in bloom with descriptions?  (No waffling answers here please, I know we'd all like "balanced," but that isn't an option in this question)

Let me know.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick update

Just a quick update . . . have been adding in and deleting stuff to improve the pacing of Blood Thief.  Also, very happily, I have been reading some of my older work and some work by someone I admire.  I think going back to earlier stuff has allowed me to see where my "voice" as a writer has changed.  I also believe this book will be better for doing so.  There's still a lot of work ahead, but there is light at the end of the tunnel . . . and it's not the train!  I'll try and post another snippet in the coming weeks.  I should be kicking things up a bit now that the kids are ready to return to school.  Bring on the coffee and red pencils!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Here is the first of the (long-promised) tidbits from Blood Thief.  Enjoy :)

     Sometimes the brain can’t process what it sees. When something is so wrong, so horrible, the brain refuses to recognize it. That was the case when I walked into Catherine’s house, intent on getting a nice, steaming cup of tea to warm my cold hands and delivering an invitation to a party. As I entered, I had called out, “Hello, it’s Celeste, anybody home?” and then headed straight to the kitchen, as was my custom. I’ve seen enough human death that I should have recognized what I was seeing, but I stood there looking at Catherine, laying in a dark pool of blood with her head severed from her body for a good three minutes before my brain ever registered what I was viewing. Catherine had been the Keeper. It was her purpose to guard the reliquary that was vital to our bloodline. Only a few members of the bloodline knew where it was hidden, myself among that number, and I was on high alert as I went to the Grandfather clock and removed the reliquary from its hiding spot.

     I flipped open my phone and made a quick call to my brother as I left Catherine’s house. He would make the necessary calls to get the scene cleaned up and avoid the involvement of the authorities. It wasn’t prudent for our kind to let our secrets become common knowledge. The crisp autumn air swirled the fallen leaves at my feet as I rushed down the walkway. As I snapped my phone shut, I realized I had made a huge mistake. Faint footsteps behind me informed me that I was being followed. I’d taken the reliquary from its hiding place and whoever had killed the Keeper was now somewhere behind me, waiting on the chance to take it. I had played right into their hands.

     I picked up my pace, hurrying along the wide, oak-lined sidewalk. If I ran it would announce my awareness of my pursuer. I tried a quick illusion, but the footsteps kept coming. Whoever was chasing me was immune. I cursed inwardly. The reliquary must be protected. My Regent would want to take possession of it as soon as he learned that Catherine was gone. My plan was to keep moving and to get out of the historic district where, at this hour, it was nearly deserted and go somewhere I could hide in a crowd. That is, that was my plan until I heard the distinctive sound of a revolver being cocked. I started running. The echo of the pistol firing three times in succession bounced off the painstakingly restored homes and nearly deafened me. Only one attempt found its mark.

     Getting shot hurts. Even when you’re a vampire. And if I didn’t move a little faster I was going to find out just how much it would hurt to be shot repeatedly. My second death was on its way and catching up quickly. My ribs felt as if they were being pried apart, but I kept running, my hand splayed over the wound. I knew if I slowed, I’d be caught and the reliquary, which was tucked into the pocket of my jacket, would be lost. I’m not entirely sure which would be worse, displeasing my Regent or losing my long-standing ability to breathe. It felt as if I’d been running for an hour, not the few minutes it had taken me to snatch the enamel and silver heart-shaped vessel after finding out that Catherine had met her second death. Her killer was now chasing me and doing a fine job of it. Luckily only one bullet had hit me and it was in the ribs, a spot that wouldn’t keep me from running. I would heal quickly, but the bullet would have to be removed or the process would be much slower. I hopped over a low stone fence and kept running. I moved so quickly that human eyes would have difficulty following my progress. My pursuer’s footfalls joined with mine in a strange syncopated beat, mimicking the sound of a racing heart about to burst. I neared the edge of the historic district of this small Southern town, the last place one would expect to find a vampire, but here I was, running as if my un-life depended on it.

     A quick turn down another street, lined with old oaks whose skeletal branches grabbed for the cold silvery moon, gave me a brief advantage. My passing made dead leaves reanimate, dancing in the pale dappled moonlight. Distant traffic was all that kept these buildings with their wrought iron fences and wedding cake-like porticos in this century. One could just as easily be in 1850 as in the new millennium with out that discordant accompaniment. I slowed and slid quietly into one of those grand old beauties. The building had been damaged in a recent fire and I was hoping the strong burnt odor would mask my scent from the vampire chasing me. It could only be another vampire, no human could run that fast. Entering the foyer, I was startled as I saw someone with long, dark hair and pale skin staring back at me. I realized it was only my reflection in a huge, gilt-framed mirror after a moment. I laughed quietly at myself. A vampire scared by her reflection. While popular myth would have everyone believe otherwise, we are able to see ourselves in mirrors much to my momentary chagrin. I turned away from my smirking features in the glass and silently went up the main staircase, listening for pursuit all the while, and then paused in the first doorway I reached.

     While focusing so intently on hearing noises behind me, I had failed to note what was ahead of me. My disbelieving eyes fell on what had to be the most beautiful human male I have ever encountered. Had I not heard the heartbeat I would have thought him to be another vampire. He was busy stuffing valuables into a black messenger bag and didn’t hear my ghost-like arrival. The fire that had damaged the antebellum home had done its worst on the opposite side of the house. Here, the walls were only blackened from smoke from the chair-rail up to the ceiling. When the owners had fled, they had taken very little, so there were still some very good pickings for thieves. I knew I had only a few moments before the vampire chasing me passed this way. I had to silence this human and do it quickly or he would give away my position. His beauty and youth caused me to hesitate. Make no mistake, I wanted to drink him down badly. Killing him suddenly wasn’t an option. I wanted to savor him, taste him a little at a time. I cleared my throat and he spun toward me, his eyes wide. As stupid as it was, I was going to save this one, for now at least, knowing it was probably going to cost me.

     “You need to leave. Now.” I pointed toward the door. I would track him down later and enjoy him at my leisure. He was a delicacy to be savored over time.

     He shook his head, making his soft auburn curls bounce against his shoulders, and his blue eyes met my green ones, while his lips pouted defiantly. “I was here first, find your own place.”

     I laughed. This bold, gorgeous creature thought I was trying to steal his heist. “I was followed, you need to run or what is chasing me will do worse than take your loot or turn you in to the cops.”

     He lifted an eyebrow as if to say, “Yeah, right,” but asked, “And just what is chasing you?”

     I was getting pissed now. Here I was trying to save his ass and he wanted a conversation! I gave up the pretense of trying to appear human, “The same thing you are arguing with currently.” I stepped forward into the shaft of moonlight pouring in through the open window, and allowed him to see my true nature. As if the fangs and hunger-dilated eyes weren’t frightening enough, I added what should have been just enough illusion to terrify him.

     His eyes widened and his breathing picked up its pace, but to his credit he didn’t back away from as most do when confronted with something they thought was only real in horror novels and nightmares. I let the illusion drop and I watched his gaze fall from my face to where the bloodstain had blossomed on my shirt-front. His eyes grew even larger; “You’re hurt.”

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Please Read, Seriously.

This has nothing to do with my novel, but it could save a life, therefore it is worth passing on:


Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've decided Summer and I do not get along.  The weather that Summer brings with her is just too miserably hot, then there is that whole Spring and Summer allergy issue.  I find that I sit in the house wishing the AC would make it just a bit cooler and writing seems like something that requires so much effort.  I officially cannot wait for Fall and Winter to come back when I can curl up with a blanket and the dog or cat and comfortably craft words into scenes.  Maybe Alaska would suit me better?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poor Mrs. Kelly

Poor Mrs. Kelly just has to die. She was a sweet old fictional character, but her death is entirely necessary. :::cue funerary music:::

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still working on editing . . .

Still working on editing Blood Thief. Haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Though I do wish I'd wake up and find that the edit fairies had come in the middle of the night. Sigh. I so want to be done and begin querying!

Monday, May 10, 2010

To love scene or not to love scene, that is the question.

I'm struggling over whether to include a love scene or just allude to one. I don't have a problem writing them, I do that rather well actually. The catch here is that I don't want my book to be taken as a trashy novel with Fabio on the cover stereotype. Yes, there is a romantic pairing, albeit unconventional, but that's not the main storyline. Any pulse throbbing moments currently are involving a bit of blood spray and some vampiric gnoshing ;) Comments, ideas?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Not dead.

Not dead. Nor undead. Just swamped with revisions to Blood Thief. I swear I'll post more frequently as soon as I'm outta the weeds!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In the process of making revisions, some revisions and a few revisions. I think my eyes may cross soon.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What we miss...

Maybe that it is just a glorious day out or maybe it's my mood . . . either way, wow. Today I've noticed so much that I normally just look over or take for granted. Now, I'll be the first to admit my dislike for spiders, hideous little nasties that they are, but today there was a single strand of web across my windshield. The sunlight hit it just so and there were prisms of light like an aurora borealis in miniature spangled over the glass. It was beautiful.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Evidently I found it rather necessary to have my computer working because I have now Frankensteined (yes, I know that isn't really a word) the monitor from my dead desktop to the laptop. It's awkward, but hey, it works. At least it will give me the opportunity to back everything up one more time. The book was already backed up, but I had some small text files with notes and ideas that I'd neglected to back up. I'm happy to count them as "Not Lost." I still contend that I am death to electronics. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funeral Dirge

Time to play a funeral dirge for my latest computer. I swear I am death to electronics. The monitor on my laptop burned out hours after I typed the end on the first draft of my novel. I guess I overworked it, LOL!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

THE END!!!!!!!

I typed those two ultra-important words today, "THE END!" The first draft is finished! Yay! :::happy dancing::::

Friday, April 23, 2010

You've gotta see this....

I found this particular little gem at a blog I follow and am reposting for your amusement. (Please do not send me bills for any reupholstery or computer monitor cleaning!)

Enjoy! (and thanks to everyone that helped this gem find its way to the net!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cheering section?

I've decided I need a cheering section. Last night I reached the pivotal point in my novel. My second fave character is out of the picture (necessarily) for a while and it's up to the main character until he rejoins us. I've got to put my main character through absolute hell now and I know it is going to be tough to write. Going to need support!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Writing like a fiend today! I love it when my dreams provide some kick-butt inspiration! I was reading on another blog about someone who was doing an interview with authors and wanted to ask each of them what the best thing about writing was. I think my answer to that would have to be that when I write I get to go hang out with some pretty awesome characters!

Monday, April 19, 2010

One of those days...

It is one of those drag yourself along by your raw, bleeding fingernails days. Sigh. I will finish this chapter no matter what. That is today's mantra. Say it with me...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All this dealing with taxes and p.i.t.a. info from a company I trusted telling me that my personal information was very likely stolen....well it makes one wonder how my darling vampire character will deal with life in the computer age. I'd raised these questions before all this nonsense, but it really highlights it for me now. I'm sensing some subplot, folks!

P.S. I feel sorry for anyone trying to access my credit, they will feel so bad for me they might even try to send me money! LOL

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Fly A Kite

So there I was, plugging away.  My characters were being uncharacteristically mute however.  I was stuck.  So rather than have them blurt out stilted dialogue, I went and flew a kite.  Well, at least attempted to, the wind gusts were a bit too sporadic for success.  When I returned, poof, like magic, the words flowed again.  So when stuck?  Go fly a kite. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mud, muck, mire....

Mud, muck and mire...all good words for the goo of difficult scenes to write. On my plate today is a break up scene between two of my characters. I'm trying to claw my way through it...not my favorite type of scene to write, but when they're done hurling invectives at each other we will see where the chips land! Almost want to skip ahead and write a nice happy scene and come back later, but I know I don't function well with non-linear writing. Once more into the fray!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Ok, so he's not exactly a babe, he's 12. Going on 30. At any rate, was extremely thankful for my son last night. I was sitting there, computer in lap, throwing a hissy about an issue I was having with 1st person point of view. My main character needed to know something she didn't see. I was to the point where I was getting ready to re-write everything in a new pov when my brilliant, genius, wonderful son says, "Geez Mom, just have someone call her and tell her!" A nice reminder that sometimes the simplest route is the best!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Testing mobile connex
Just a brief note to say thank you to Matt for providing me info on the current nightclub scene. His descriptions were excellent and gave me what I needed to finish the first club scene. I will say it made me feel a little old to have to ask! I'd rather feel old and have it right than the alternative, I suppose ::grin::

Thanks again, Matt!