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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Save, save, save

And  so I stress the importance of saving one's work frequently.  Thankfully I had done so before O.C. decided to take a nap on my keyboard and thus bringing up a seemingly never ending string of "8"s in my work.


Rosanne Dingli said...

I so loved this - and can relate to it so well. My Pixel passes between me and the monitor JUST at the most crucial time. I'm either winding up a scene in a chapter, or being timed in a game!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I think I am more intrigued by your Dracula head! Does he inspire you?

I usually have a dog on my lap while writing, making it easy to mistype at any moment.

Rebecca T. Little said...

Absolutely inspiring :) The Dracula head is a really nifty candle I picked up at a local gift shop. I'm taking advantage of the halloween sales going on right now to stock up on vampire goodies for inspiration throughout the two current faves: a pair of coffin shaped sunglasses and my Pez dispensers (vampire and bat).

Madeleine said...

Ah bless! I think you'd appreciate this link:

My cat also helps me type by nudging my hands :O)