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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Gave Autocrit a try yesterday.  Wow.  I really want to get a membership.  It picked up on stuff I had totally looked over.  Again, wow.  If you want to see for yourself there is a free autocrit wizard at  I'm not shilling for them, I'm genuinely that impressed and felt the need to share.  ::saving my pennies to get a membership!:::

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cast of characters

Thought I'd provide you with the cast of characters for Blood Thief since some of you so generously allowed me to use your last names.  Thank you to my Facebook friends!

Celeste St. Ange “Cel”

Nicolas St. Ange “Nick” or “Nicky” – Celeste’s brother

Joss Larson – thief

Viktor Klausen – Celeste’s suitor

Anna Lamb - owner of Locus (nightclub)

Ryan Donovan - General contractor

Catherine Strider - “the Keeper”

Margaret “Maggie” Kelly - Celeste’s next door neighbor

Edgar Kelly – Maggie Kelly’s deceased husband

Ona Caussin – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Gamble Ridge – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Sonja English – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Brendan Howard – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Elly Kincaid – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Marcello Brunati – member of Celeste’s bloodline

Tina Finch – the St. Ange’s housekeeper

Ethan Frey - teenager

Matt Lesher – club goer

Dani Bennett – club goer

Dr. Terry Roberts, DDS

His Majesty, the Regent of the bloodline, Alexandre Valois

Mark Culpepper, Joss’s landlord

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Because you've all been so good and patient...

Thank you guys for all the lovely feedback!  Here's another little snippet for you as a thank you!


     The automated voice stated, “You have two new messages. First new message received Sunday 3:07 a.m.”

     Joss’s voice followed, “Hi. Don’t know if you’re home yet, but since I got your voicemail I’m guessing you didn’t turn the volume back up on your phone.” There was a pause, then, “Yeah. Well, anyway, I just wanted to wish you a good night, er day, um…yeah, sleep well.” He even sounded sexy over the phone. I caught myself licking my teeth.

     The automated voice returned, “Next new message received Sunday 1:43 a.m.”

     Anna’s voice was next, “Hey, where are you? You usually answer right away. At any rate, I don’t think you saw him, but I thought you should know Viktor was at the club right before you left. He saw you with that guy. Who was hot, by the way. I figured you’d want to know. Call me.”

     I erased the messages and plunked down on the side of the bed, closing the phone. The grin that had stolen over my face when I’d heard Joss’s voice had faded as soon as Anna’s message played. Viktor had been at the club. He had seen Joss kiss me. I was so screwed. My vampire boyfriend had seen a human kiss me. This could only end badly.