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Monday, May 10, 2010

To love scene or not to love scene, that is the question.

I'm struggling over whether to include a love scene or just allude to one. I don't have a problem writing them, I do that rather well actually. The catch here is that I don't want my book to be taken as a trashy novel with Fabio on the cover stereotype. Yes, there is a romantic pairing, albeit unconventional, but that's not the main storyline. Any pulse throbbing moments currently are involving a bit of blood spray and some vampiric gnoshing ;) Comments, ideas?


Carolie said...

A little heavy breathing, a little steam heat -- yum! But i think you're right, that if you do a detailed sex scene, it leans towards the current crop of "paranormal romances".

Can't wait to read it!

Sangu said...

I think this depends on how you revise and frame this scene. A sex scene can be tasteful, fun and lovely to read in a book (I personally love them, and often think 'when are they gonna do it?' with characters whose chemistry I like). On the other hand, it's really about how you do it; if you go into graphic detail and use oft-used descriptions (words like 'loins', for example) will put the novel in a different genre entirely. So, as a reader, I would say 'have the sex scene!' and as a writer, I would say 'but make it right for your genre!'

Hope that helps somewhat!