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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and the Blood Thief crew

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I spent a little time wondering how Thanksgiving would affect my characters.  Cel and Nick would probably celebrate by finding a nice plump tourist to share and then perhaps working at the soup kitchen, serving the homeless.  Viktor would find it totally beneath him to celebrate such a human ritual and would treat it like any other day.  Anna would go to see her family and spend time with them.  Ryan would go visit his elderly parents.  Joss probably wouldn't celebrate, not because he doesn't have things to be thankful for...staying out of jail is always good...but because he has no one he trusts enough to spend time with.  His landlord, Mark, would likely bring a plate of turkey and dressing by for him, which he would eat alone. 
If you are writing currently, I ask what your characters would do for Thanksgiving?

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Lorelei said...

This is a good question to think about each of your characters to get into their heads.

I'm actually going to have a scene at the end of the current book where a few of the characters are at Thanksgiving meal and thankful that Sabrina somehow, meraculously (and risking her life doing so) found her cousin and brought her back--but had a vampire blank her memory of where she was.