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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Writing like a fiend today! I love it when my dreams provide some kick-butt inspiration! I was reading on another blog about someone who was doing an interview with authors and wanted to ask each of them what the best thing about writing was. I think my answer to that would have to be that when I write I get to go hang out with some pretty awesome characters!


Sangu said...

Oh, I agree! The best part about writing is getting to spend time with characters you love, who make you laugh, etc... I wonder what people would say the worst part is? Crow's feet, maybe?

Rebecca T. Little said...

Worst part for me is eye strain, definitely. I have to remind myself to stop, stretch and rest my eyes fairly often, otherwise I get a nasty headache which isn't condusive to writing at all. The crow's feet come, sadly, whether writing is involved or not, LOL!