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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Blood Thief Crew

A question from a friend prompted me to give you all a brief rundown of the dramatis personae:

Celeste – Celeste was born in 1701, but she’s a thoroughly modern vampire. She lives with her brother in an old Southern town that is rife with vampires due to an incident in a Civil War prison camp. Adapting and changing to fit each era, Celeste doesn’t always do what is expected of her by vampiric society. She serves her Regent loyally though and works as a revenant hunter for him. She is more progressive than most of her peers.

Nick – Celeste’s biological brother, he was turned by Celeste a couple of years after her own turning. He supports Celeste’s choices, but tries to serve as a voice of reason to her as well. He is fiercely protective of his sister. He shares his sister’s dark hair and his smoldering good looks draw in admirers easily.

Viktor – Celeste’s vampiric suitor. He has been seeing Celeste for several months, but they don’t always see eye to eye, especially on the subject of humans. He has an Old World charm about him though and makes everything he does look easy. Always well dressed and classically handsome.

Anna – Celeste’s best friend who also happens to be human. Anna knows Celeste’s secret, a rarity since most humans aren’t aware of the existence of vampires, and helps with daytime tasks that Celeste can’t manage. Anna runs the nightclub, Locus, that Celeste frequents.

Ryan – The contractor doing work on Celeste’s home. He has his eye on Anna and turns into a staunch ally. Besides, there’s just something about a good looking man in tool belt.

Elly – The newest member of Celeste and Nick’s bloodline. She looks more angelic than vampiric, but her actions are questionably devilish at times.

Joss – A human thief that Celeste interrupts mid-burgle. With his piercing blue eyes, swimmer’s build and sinful good looks he is quite possibly the most beautiful human male Celeste has ever seen. Celeste develops a fast fascination with Joss - - much to the consternation of her brother. A self-educated motorcycle-riding walking contradiction, Joss has an agenda all his own.


Annie Sisk said...

Can't wait. And not just for the obvious reason. :)

Debbie Jean said...

Quit teasing us! Give us the entire "animal" soon. I can't wait to "sink my teeth" into the full length book!!!

Rebecca T. Little said...

Working on it! Think I may be a perfectionist.