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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blood Concept perfumes

Received my compatibility test yesterday!  Am liking Type O the best (and am a Type O myself).  If you haven't heard of Blood Concept yet, the Italian company has designed four separate scents based on the ABABO blood groupings.  Each scent is distinctly different and has a metallic base note (they don't smell like blood as some places are reporting erroneously -- they smell really good!). The scents are unisex, though I think O is more feminine.  A reminds me of Italian food a bit with its hints of basil, tomato and anise.  AB and B are both a little more masculine. Check 'em out at


Lorelei said...

That's really wild, Rebecca. Never heard of this! Thanks for posting it!

eula_w said...

Will gonna check this out to find more info about this. Thanks!

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