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Sunday, August 7, 2011


The following flash fiction is for the 7 Virtues Blog Challenge hosted by the lovely Lady Antimony at: (sign up is toward the bottom of that page).  Once again, as with the 7 Deadly Sins blog challenge, my entries are based in the world of my novel BLOOD THIEF, but are not canon for it.  Enjoy and please be kind and leave feedback :D

(Updated 8/8/11 - I've posted the remaining virtues today rather than doing them daily this week as I'm not sure if I'll be in everyday or not this week)

The mirror showed a strong jaw with just a trace of beard, dark hair, and hazel eyes that were more green than brown.  He relied on his looks when seeking female prey.  He smiled, sensuous lips parting to reveal straight white teeth and sharp fangs.  Women were a joy to drink, sweeter tasting than their counterparts.  Often they were willing, offering blood and body.  Memories of his long-dead love kept him from accepting the latter.  He would break the skin of their soft supple throats, but his fangs were the only part of him to gain penetration during the feast.

Temperance (self-control)

He was sprawled in my bed, sleeping soundly.  One arm rested above his head, the other dangled over the mattress’s edge.  His pulse visibly throbbed in his bare wrist and I caught myself licking my teeth.  It would be easy to exploit his vulnerable state, easy to drink from that unwittingly proffered arm.  He would wake as I drank, of course, but it would be to the flood of pleasurable sensation only a vampire’s bite can give. I shook my head, I promised I wouldn’t.  Marshalling all my will-power I slipped out of the room, closing the door behind me.

Faint weeping could be heard over the patter of rain.  With the rain cloaking my approach from my prey, I found the sound’s source up under the supports of the bridge crossing Jackson Street.  A woman clutched a sobbing child to her side.  Both were shabbily dressed and shivering. A rattling cough shook the woman’s thin frame.  As I approached, the woman quickly pushed the child behind her. Wordlessly, I reached in my pocket and handed her a couple of hundreds.  Gratitude shone in the woman’s eyes.  I turned and walked away.  I would find sanguine sustenance elsewhere this night.

My shoulder throbbed where it had been ripped open by the revenant’s teeth, but I switched the knife to my left hand and headed further into the caverns.  I needed no torch, my pupils had fully dilated at the first hint of danger, one of the many advantages of being a vampire.  I had sent four of the damned creatures to their second death already, including the one that bit me. I would make certain none remained.  Revenants were an anathema, the result of vampirism gone wrong, failed turnings.  It was my duty to eliminate them.  Every last one.

I wanted him, craved him.  Absolutely nothing was going to keep me from having him.  I wanted to enjoy every inch, every ounce.  His scent, the warmth of him, and the thudding cadence of his heart bid me to come closer, to have just a taste. 

I watched as he kissed her goodnight and as she went in.  He stared after her a bit then stepped blithely down the stairs, unaware of me watching him from the shadows.  I would wait.  The whimsical relationships of youth did not last long among humans.  When this was over, he would be mine.

He placed the envelope on the table as if daring me to look inside.  I didn’t.  I knew what the medical reports held.  I could smell the cancer in him, hear disease in his lungs, see the light fleeing his rheumy eyes.  Vampires have long been called the walking dead, but this elderly man deserved the designation more than I.

“It would be a kindness,” he wheezed.

“A mercy killing?”

He nodded, baring his throat.

Gently holding him, I pressed my fangs through his fragile skin, drinking deeply.  He sighed with pleasure, sagging into my arms and slipping into oblivion.

Flakes of old leather broke away from the cover as my fingertips touched the book.  Gently opening the slim volume, I found the print still legible.  The words it held were my guidance once. I read the prayer aloud, sinking to my knees as I beseeched my creator’s forgiveness for the grievous sins I’d committed.  Granted a measure of immortality, pride was surely the chief sin of the vampire.  The curse of the vampire however is two-fold: out-living those you cherish and the terrible memories one never out-lives. Blood tears coursed down my cheeks as I humbled myself before God.

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Anonymous said...

"Women were a joy to drink..."

Whoa. What beautiful characterization in just six words.


David A Ludwig said...

I like it. Virtuous undead are an interesting character type to examine--though I can appreciate why you might not want it being canon for your setting.
Your vampires have reflections?
Eitherway, I'm totally into the blood-drinker that doesn't indulge other appetites.

Charity Girl said...

I'm thinking that the poor ladies get the worst of both worlds here! Are you planning on linking your texts? I want to read more!

Emilia Quill said...

Interesting take on the virtue, a chaste vampire. Even death departing them and he's still loyal. Nice mix of good and evil.

Anonymous said...

Well as long as your vampire isn't Angel that is all chaste to prevent his soul from disappearing, then I am all good with it. Great job. I like that being chaste doesnt mean being that he spares them from their fate... he'll still drink em.

Rebecca T. Little said...

Thank you for the kind comments :)

@David - Yes, my vamps have reflections. Having a history in biology, I created vampires that can be explained scientifically (at least for the most part!)

@glitterword - Nope, his name is Nick and hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more about him in the future.

Rebecca Clare Smith said...

I love these pieces. They're so different compared to the others.

jamilajamison said...

These are all deliciously wonderful! I would love to read your other work!

David A Ludwig said...

Ah, scientifically explainable vampires. Very cool. I've got my own dark fantasy setting where vampires used to have reflections, and even before that used to be a living race--so I'd be very curious to know what your explanation was for their origin.
Eitherway really clever to have a host of Virtuous vampires. I like it.

Charity Girl said...

What a joy these are to read Rebecca! Really enjoying seeing you twist and turn the genre to reflect the different facets of virtuousness - or lack thereof. I love how well rounded they read in the whole, but also how each story stands alone really strongly. Job well done!

Rosie Lane said...

These are gorgeous. Very sensual, and easy to understand despite their length.