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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 13: 13 Books Writers (Really, Really) Shouldn't Be Without

13 Books Writers (Really, Really) Shouldn’t Be Without

1. Word Menu ISBN-13: 978-0679400301

2. Webster’s Dictionary ISBN-13: 978-0877798095

3. Roget’s Thesaurus ISBN-13: 978-0060094799

4. What Not to Say, Linda J Beam ISBN-13: 978-1581733600

5. A writer’s guide (The Everyday Writer, Strunk & White, Kate Turabian, MLA Guide, &/or all of the above)

6. The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, 3rd Edition by Christopher E. Vogler ISBN-13: 978-1932907360

7. Save the Cat! Blake Snyder ISBN-13: 978-1932907001

8. Pocket Muse, Monica Wood ISBN-13: 978-1582973227

9. Pocket Muse 2, Monica Wood  ISBN-13: 978-1582975993

10. Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents ISBN-13: 978-1582979533

11. At least one version of the Bible, preferrably KJV and a modern language translation

12. New York Public Library Desk Reference ISBN-13: 978-0786868469

13. The Timetables of History ISBN-13: 978-0743270038

Honorable Mentions

I didn’t include these in the absolutely necessary group, but they sure are helpful!

• Audobon Society Field Guides (Mammals, Rocks and Minerals, Birds, etc)

• Every writer should also have books relating to his or her genre (A ___ Writer’s Guide) and the books of his or her contemporaries. Know who you are going to be compared to and know who will be on the library shelf beside of you.

• Foreign language dictionaries

• Baby Names book


Janet said...

yup, definitely a dictionary!


What are some of the more interesting names you have heard in real life? I once saw a little boy whose name was Messiah.

Rebecca T. Little said...

My kids have attended school with Princess, Countess, Marquis (pronounced Mar-kees rather than the proper French pronunciation, Mar-kee)and several other unpronounceable-to-my tongue names. Now that is saying something considering my kids are Teagan and Rhys (pronounced Rees) - Welsh names.

Alice Audrey said...

What is Word Menu about/like?

Roget's is good, but I find a synonym finder more helpful.

Lorelei said...

Dictioary is a must, but I have spelling ace for myself to be able to spell a word I don't know. I have several Thesauruses.

I have collected names down through the years.

In my case anything to do with vampires, witches, etc. is in my bookcase, including various books on Native Americans, an atlas, and a book on Strange STories and Amazing facts in which I've found a lot of ideas to ponder.

I'm using some unusual names in my third book--I'm not sharing them. (;

Rebecca T. Little said...

Alice - Word Menu is very helpful. You begin with wide categories and then narrow down into smaller concepts until you have just the word you want. Definitely worth having a look at..can get a good used copy from Amazon cheaply

Mercy said...

Dictionary and thesaurus for sure! Great list, happy T13!

Measi said...

A few of those books are on my shelf - most of them were required books for my journalism courses.

Word Menu is new to me - I'll have to look into that one.

Happy T13!

Lynn Benoit said...

Great list. I'd like to add one I use often: Dictionary of Theories.