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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm not dead!

Thought I would share this with you today since I've been a naughty blogger and have been far too quiet as of late.  Blame getting ready for school to start back up ;)  Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!
(for Blood Thief)
Too many people want vampire Celeste St. Ange dead. After discovering the keeper of her bloodline’s reliquary murdered, she takes the vessel from its hiding place, playing right into the hands of the killer. Now that she's brought the reliquary out into the open, Celeste is responsible when it is stolen and faces the ultimate penalty for its loss: second death. Permanent death. When help arrives in the unlikely form of a charming human thief, Celeste must choose who to trust and fast before a murderer destroys her and those she loves.

Joss Larsen was a child when his mother was killed by a vampire.  No one believed Joss then and now, after a string of foster homes and turning to a life of crime, he has begun to think perhaps he imagined that aspect of his mother’s death. That is, until he meets Celeste.  Wanting access to her world in order to avenge his mother, Joss inserts himself into Celeste’s life.  But what begins as desire for revenge turns into to desire of an altogether different variety.


ajkulig said...

Glad to hear you aren't dead (Just undead!)

Annie said...

Well done! This is REALLY coming along, chica.

Two minor points: I'd watch your parallelism - for instance "after a string of foster homes and turning to a life of crime" -- I'd use either two gerunds or two noun phrases. Maybe "string of foster homes and a life of crime"?

And: There are a few places you can be more dynamic - instead of "Joss inserts himself" - how about "Joss wheedles his way into" or "Joss immerses himself in Celeste's life"? "He has begun to think perhaps" - I'd just use "and now he wonders if he imagined..." That'll tighten it up even further.

Like I said: MINOR, picky. This is really exciting!